Air filter / activated carbon
200 - 400 m³/h | FILTERKIT PLASTIFER


  • Designed for:


  • Type:

    activated carbon

  • Flow rate:

    200 m³/h (7062.93 ft³/h), 400 m³/h (14125.87 ft³/h)


Plastifier presents Filterkit series of activated carbon filter canisters. It is a compact-sized aspiration system. It is made in acid-resistant polypropylene and PVC. Filterkit is suited for filtering emissions from solvents, acids and tin-plating fumes.

Filterkit comes with a centrifugal aspirator, which is made of acid-resistant polypropylene. It features a fan that is balanced, both statically and dynamically. And it includes acid-resistant gaskets that offer protection from leakage of fumes. It has an adjustable motor with IP55 protection. The motor can be 3-phase or 1-phase, and EEx-d or two-speed motor.


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