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Clock synthesizer
PM7501 PMC


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The SynthePHY is a highly integrated device designed for use in wireless Remote Radio Head (RRH) applications. It provides two independent high-speed, bi-directional, serial to 10-bit parallel interfaces, jitter attenuation of the recovered clock, and a programmable system clock synthesizer unit. The programmable clock synthesizer is synchronized to the recovered clock and provides a variety of low-phase-noise clock sources for RRH system components such as data converters, RF oscillators, and signalprocessing devices. The two serializer-deserializer (SERDES) channels are CPRI, OBSAI RP3, and IR compliant. Integrated hardware support for link delay calculation is also provided.

Enables implementation of CPRI compliant, OBSAI RP3 compliant, and IR compliant interfaces
Generates low-jitter, low-phase-noise clock outputs for driving high performance data converters, RF synthesizers, and DSP subsystems
Supports a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) control plane interface for device configuration


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