push-in fitting / straight / pneumatic / nickel-plated brass
PCF series Pneuflex Pneumatic Co., Ltd



  • Attachment:


  • Configuration:


  • Applications:


  • Material:

    nickel-plated brass

  • Other characteristics:

    seal, for chemical applications

  • Diameter:

    Min.: 4 mm

    Max.: 16 mm

  • Operating pressure:

    Min.: 0 Pa (0 psi)

    Max.: 1,500,000 Pa (217.56 psi)


Pneuflex pneumatic connection solutions include pneumatic fittings, pneumatic push in fittings and pneumatic connectors.

The 55° taper pipe thread connections available are BSPT1/8, BSPT1/4, BSPT3/8, and BSPT1/2. Metric tubing diameters are available in sizes of 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12 mm, 14mm, and 16mm. Inch tubing diameter sizes are 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 1/2". The solutions are ideal for vacuum and air. They can handle pressure between 0 to 10 bar and temperature between 0 to 60°C. They have compatibility with PU/PA/PE tubing. The thread is made of brass with nickel plating. They have a precoated tapered male thread sealing.

Pneuflex is located in China. It is a dependable and reputed pneumatic fittings and tubing manufacturer. With Pneuflex, every fitting is of assured quality.

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