quick coupling / T / pneumatic / nickel-plated brass
RPD series Pneuflex Pneumatic Co., Ltd



  • Attachment:


  • Configuration:


  • Applications:


  • Material:

    nickel-plated brass

  • Diameter:

    Min.: 0.13 in

    Max.: 0.5 in

  • Operating pressure:

    Min.: 0 bar (0 psi)

    Max.: 25 bar (362.59 psi)


Brass Rapid Fittings - RPD Male Run Tee

This range of rapid fittings is designed for use with either polyurethane, polyethylene, nylon and rilsan connector tubes. Ideally, these units are to be used in tasks that call for enhanced tube fitting.

All models in the range are capable of nominal pressures greater than the pressure threshold of its connector tube. These are mainly constructed with nickel plated brass bodies and nuts. For certain models, these are equipped with acetal resin washers, as well as nitrile rubber O-ring seals.

Customers may choose between a variety of fitting threads and configurations, namely gas parallel (BSP), gas taper (BSPT), T, stud and elbow types. Various units for different tube tolerance diameters are also available.

Nickel plated brass threaded bodies and locking nut provide corrosion and contamination resistance.
The locking nut provided can be tightened by hand or with a wrench.
The special shape of the ID cone protects the tubing from accidental damage.

Material: nickel plated brass baday and collect
O-ring: FEM(Viton)
Tube Sizes: 4/2mm, 5/3mm,6/4mm, 8/6mm, 10/8mm, 12/10mm,15/12.5mm
1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2"
Thread: BSPT, BSPP and metric
Working Preusre: 0-290psi | 0-2.0Mpa
Working Temperature: -4°F-248°F | -20°C-120°C
Applicable Pipe: PA, PU, FEP, PFA