spraying nozzle / hollow-cone / for liquids / stainless steel
PF series PNR



  • Function:


  • Stream:


  • Media:

    for liquids

  • Material:

    stainless steel, brass

  • Other characteristics:

    male, female, tangential, axial, low flow rate

  • Orifice diameter:

    Max.: 16.5 mm

    Min.: 1 mm


PE PF PT hollow cone nozzle generates a ring-shaped spray pattern with finely atomized droplets and works on the tangential flow principle. Inside these nozzles there is an axial groove that injects the liquid tangentially into the vortex chamber where the strong centrifugal force produces a high rotational velocity and generates a finely atomized liquid flow. As these nozzles have a large inside free passage and no swirl insert, they offer the maximum resistance to clogging. PE PF PT hollow cone nozzle is widely used in many production processes and their variety of spray angles and capacities make them suitable for all kinds of working environments.