All POKOLM Frästechnik GmbH & Co. KG products

Face milling cutters

Square shoulder face milling + slotting cutters - k90°

Square shoulder, slotting and chamfering cutters

Copy milling cutters k0°-90°

Face-/ Square shoulder face- / Slotting-/ Copy milling cutters

Rhombic cutters - k95°

Milling cutter bodies for non-ferrous material

Ball nose/ bull end mill cutter bodies

Corner radius / High feed milling cutter bodies

High feed milling cutter boodies

Adapters, extensions, collet chucks and precision drill chucks

Hollow taper shanks HSK

Steep taper shanks SK / BT

End mills for steel universal up to 52 HRC

End mills for steel up to 58 HRC

End mills for steel more than 58 HRC

End mills for micro machining up to 2.5 mm

End mills for stainless steel | titanium alloys

End mills for aluminium | copper | plastic | synthetic

End mills for graphite | GRP | CFRP

End mills for extreme machining | HPC

High feed machining | Trigaworx ® | HSC

Hard machining of steel grades up to 65 HRC

„CVD“ for milling non-ferrous materials