V-design cutting insert
ø 2 - 10 mm | VDGT, VCGT, XDHT POKOLM

Our carefully planned, wide variety of indexable inserts is one of the highlights of the Pokolm-Voha program. A perfect complement to our milling cutter program, it offers a wide selection of carbide grades, geometries, and diverse application possibilities. The program provides an optimal solution for every task:

Diameters of 5 to 20 mm (radii of 2.5 to 10 mm), diverse shapes, carbide grades, and coatings – along with a great variety of milling cutter bodies, our patent-protected insert seats, and arbor systems – allow combinations in every possible way.

All Pokolm-Voha inserts have been developed based on shop-tested applications by our customers, and we improve our inserts to meet every new challenge. This constant and innovative developmental process, and a remarkably intensive cooperation with our carbide suppliers and coating partners, guarantee state-of-the-art types of inserts at all times.


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