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V-design cutting insert
ø 2 - 10 mm | VDGT, VCGT, XDHT POKOLM


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The Pokolm-Voha inserts are revolutionized tools of the milling cutter program. The inserts are composed of carefully planned, various types of indexable inserts to offer a wide selection of carbide grades, geometries, and diverse application possibilities. The program ensures every task with optimal solution. The patent-protected insert seats and arbor systems feature 5 to 20 mm (radii of 2.5 to 10 mm) diameter, diverse shapes, carbide grades and coatings with various milling cutter bodies to permit every possible combination. The inserts are developed based on the customer's on shop-tested applications. The inserts are continuous enhanced to handle new challenges. The constant and innovative developmental process provides remarkable cooperation with carbide suppliers and coating partners to always guarantee state-of-the-art types of inserts.


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