Round bellows / PTFE / accordion protection / for machines
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    accordion protection, for machines


Polytetraflon® PTFE Bellows - Customized Design and Performance

PTFE bellows are used, for example, as compensating elements between engineered parts. By specifically using different fold geometries, any combination of properties can be achieved as required—for example, high flexibility or compressive strength.

The outstanding material properties of PTFE allow bellows to be used increasingly in the medical and food sectors, as well as in general industry.

PTFE Bellows Properties

Almost universal chemical resistance
FDA conformity for food and pharmaceutical products
Highly suitable for sterilization
Antiadhesive behavior
Large temperature range of –60°C to +200°C
Cost-effective series production from semifinished product to final product
High reverse bending strength
Good dimensional stability
Low tooling costs
Freedom of design

PTFE Bellows Application Areas

As compensation for expansion in pipe systems
For shielding sterile areas
Filling lines
Aseptic valves
Solenoid valves
Metering devices
Pumps and valves, coating technology, steel mills, fitting industry


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