grease pump / fuel oil / electric / self-priming
IN Pompe Garbarino S.p.A.



  • Media:

    grease, fuel oil

  • Operation:


  • Priming:


  • Domain:


  • Other characteristics:

    booster, lubrication

  • Flow:

    120 m³/h (4,237.76 ft³/h)


Positive displacing geared pumps are utilized to pump thick and viscous fluids without any solids present, at low and high temperatures, they are self-priming with excellent suction abilities as to the volumetric effect of the gear. There is a consistent flow in the operation even if there are variable pressures. Internal narrow tolerances make these pumps ideal only with clean fluids having some lubricating characteristics. They are traditionally used for machinery/engine lubrication, hydraulic power units, chemical additive metering, foam blending in fire-fighting system, fuel oil supply or booster and conveying of viscous liquids like glue, paints, grease.
These pumps employ two similar opposite-rotary gears, where the drive gear operates the idler gear. Liquid flows into the cavity of the teeth and is guided and pressurized to the dispersal port by the spin of the gear.