three-phase relay test system
6x15 A, 4x300 V | PW460 PONOVO POWER CO., LTD


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PW460 (6*15A, 4*300V) is the three-phase relay test set can test all types of protective relays. This relay tester has in-built output monitoring and recording function and also supports testing IEC 61850 IED. Optional accessories include external amplifier, GPS, Circuit Breaker Simulator, Current Booster, etc.

Features of relay test set PW460:
1, 6*15A, 4*300V
2, Aux DC (0-300V), DC measuring inputs
3, 8 binary inputs, 8 binary outputs
4, Adjustable threshold (0-250V) for binary inputs
5, In-built analog monitoring and recording function
6, Can be upgraded to support the test of IEC61850 complied relay