absolute rotary encoder / PROFIBUS

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absolute rotary encoder / PROFIBUS absolute rotary encoder / PROFIBUS - IXARC


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The IXARC optical encoders with Profibus interface now comes with enhanced DPV2 capabilities. Compared to DPV0 which only allows cyclic communication, DPV2 supports data exchange in isochronous as well as peer-to-peer communication from slave to slave. Data exchange in isochronous mode forms the basis for the synchronization of several devices, making it possible to acquire the position values from different encoders precisely at the same time. While the slave to slave communications makes it possible for 1 slave device to directly receive the output of another slave within the same bus cycle, thus enabling faster synchronization.

The total measuring range of the encoder can be adapted to the actual measuring range of the application. With the scaling feature, the user can set the resolution per revolution and define the total number of multi-turn increments before the count is reset to zero. This feature is extremely useful for incorporating gear ratio into measurements.