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on-line UPS / three-phase / AC / data center
BladeUPS Powerware



  • Technology:


  • Electrical characteristics:

    three-phase, AC

  • Applications:

    data center, power distribution

  • Voltage:

    120 V, 208 V

  • Output power kVA:

    60 kVA (81.58 hp)


The Eaton BladeUPS PDU has a maintenance bypass that integrates maintenance, distribution and transformation bypass in one single cabinet to save on important floor space.

Some of its benefits and features include a step-down utility power from 480 V down to 208/120 V. The very efficient TP-1 transformer lets you save money in data center cooling and utility bills costs. It can distribute power from a full rack of Eaton BladeUPS module to your IT equipment. On top of that, it will perform maintenance, testing and service on the rack without cutting power to the critical load.