double-ended shear beam load cell / beam type / stainless steel / for hoppers



  • Type:

    double-ended shear beam

  • Form:

    beam type

  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel, for hoppers, for silos, IP68, hermetic, strain gauge

  • Rated load:

    Max.: 100,000 kg (220,462.26 lb)

    Min.: 5,000 kg (11,023.11 lb)


Double-ended shear beam load cell DSL is fashioned out of top quality stainless steel and Ingress Protection that is ensured through hermetically sealed IP68. The mounting arrangement, called Silo Load Mount and the double-ended shear beam load cell ensures that it is not influenced by the lateral forces that normally come with vessels with agitators. Thermal expansion is allowed with load mount, and has an antilifting device too. The presence of a locking device enables the device to be installed without the loadcell. This will help the vessel to be installed easily and without any mechanical or electrical damage to the load cell.