Continuous weighing system / with belt feeder
500 - 1 000 mm, ø 89 - 159 mm, 29 - 64 kg | FX / TWIN PRECIA MOLEN


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  • Feeding:

    with belt feeder


FX is a weighing frame that comes with a single idler station, for applications such as the integration of belt scales. As for the products included in the package, the ones worth mentioning include the two adjustable height weighing units that come with integral load cells, while the idler station contains special rollers for a low build-in height.

Next, the compact design is justified by the use of advanced technologies and facilitates quick and easy installation, without the need for special tools. And finally, note that this item is suitable for belt conveyors with a width between 400 and 1,800mm, as well as a speed below 2m/s.


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