Weighing terminal
230 V, 150 VA | I 700 PRECIA MOLEN


I 600 weighing terminal

The I 600 indicator is a freely programmable weighing terminal approved for Trade use.

The ergonomics of its touch-sensitive color graphic screen is unique on industrial weighing equipment.

Its real time Linux operating system assures that the I 600 terminal is a reliable production tool

Integration of a genuine database makes the integrity and performances exceptional for this type of instrument.

The I 600 terminal has excellent modularity, to satisfy the needs of the workstation while allowing future upgrades:

High capacity static hard disk
Management of 1 to 3 scales (multi-channel with summation)
Serial ports
Analogue outputs
Logical I / O
Parallel port
Ethernet port
USB port for removable memory (USB key)
Connector point port for extension cards in the PC104 format


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