polishing finishing machine / grinding / linear / for tools
max. ø 80 mm | Cyberpolish 600 Series Precitrame Machines SA


  • Associated function:

    polishing, grinding

  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for tools

  • Other characteristics:



With abrasive tools and the adaptable logistic this machine is able to carry out all kinds of finishing by belt-grinding, polishing, and finishing.

Cyberpolish 600 Series was developed especially for applications inside the domain of Watch industry, Electronics, Medical industry, Armatures and Household devices for the machining from small to medium-sized parts up to 2 kg.

Cyberpolish 600 Series is a new, robot-steered solution for the premachining and finishing of work pieces with easy to highly complicated geometries.

With the automatic or manual operating mode Cyberpolish 600 Series is easily able to adapt itself to all production processes.

With a pathway follow-up software you achieve the highest level of finish and quality regarding the outline geometry of your work pieces.

With its new, practically oriented production interface Cyberpolish 600 Series is quick and easy to use and you can focus you in the production of your products without having a lot of know-how in the robotics.

The ingenious parameterization functions and the integration of 3-D model of the work piece from the CAD shorten the run up time and the switch-over time on parts change clearly.