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CO2 laser cutting machine
1520 x 1580 x 1860 mm | LyraLight 20 Preco Inc.


  • Technology:

    CO2 laser


LyraLight 20

• CO2 70 Watt Laser
• Galvanometer
• Ball screw
• Honeycomb Worksupport
• Motorized Z-Axis
• Laser Processing Area 1300mm x 2500mm (51” x 98”)

• Vision
• Dynamic Z
• Rotary
• Air Knife
• Roll Unwind/Rewind
• Optional Laser Power 30 Watt & 100 Watt
• Aluminum Worksupport For Easy Fixture Mounting

The LyraLight 20 standard system, with a 70 watt laser, offers a compact workstation that is designed to use galvanometer beam steering technology. It is manufactured as a Class IV with an X-axis table that can travel up to 920 millimeters (36 inches) to accommodate large parts.

The LyraLight 20 can easily be adapted for customizing products such as basketballs, footballs, baseball bats and flat sheet processing.

Laser power 70 watt; 10.6 micron CO2 industrial air-cooled laser. Operates within a 5-70 watt power range and features an open loop power stability of ± 3%.


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