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metal cutting machine / laser / CNC / drilling
ST series Preco Inc.


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The Preco ST200 Series Laser Work-station performs multi-axis laser welding, drilling and cutting in a class I enclosure. ST200 Series Workstations are time and field proven machines designed around fixed beam laser technology and Preco XY motion and control technology.

The rigid Preco design offers a smooth cutting path with high accuracy over the full range of motion and has high overall system reliability with a simple optical path and user friendly PC controls.


Fixed beam - Maximize consistency of processing accuracy and speed

Class I System - Insures operator safety at all times

Proportional pulse controller, weld ramping, and enhanced pulse - Superior pulse quality & control Nd:YAG, Fiber or CO2 lasers

Ergonomically designed for easy loading & unloading - Part presentation to
outside of enclosure allows for manual, robotic, or overhead loading/unloading

Material processing database - User friendly, short learning curve. lower cost

PC Controller with Acu/Nav II ™ Windows® - based software with built-in
ramping and power control - Save settings and shortcuts on production