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metal cutting machine / laser / CNC / high-performance
WebPro Preco Inc.



  • Material:

    for metal

  • Technology:


  • Control type:


  • Other characteristics:

    high-performance, economical

  • Cutting speed:

    Min.: 9140 mm/min (6 in/s)

    Max.: 60960 mm/min (40 in/s)

  • Laser power:

    600, 400, 300, 1000, 200


Preco, Inc. integrates advanced laser technology with reliable equipment offering innovative and cost-effective solutions for web-based laser cutting, scoring, slitting and kiss-cutting.

The WebPro Series of digital laser cutting systems are rapidly re-configured for changing job requirements and are the ideal match for short run jobs in all sizes and materials. The AcuBeam™ control system operates in a user-friendly Windows XP® environment, allowing you to control the entire system. As a result, changeovers are as simple as opening a file without the need or costs of tooling!

This unique system allows you to laser process web widths from 25.4mm to 304.8mm (1”-12”) at high production rates. Our exclusive motion design processes materials at speeds 9.14m – 60.96m (30 – 200 feet) per minute, while maintaining consistent PLI across the entire process. Typical accuracies range from ±.076mm - .254mm (.003” - .010”) based on part size and geometry. Many options are available (dual rewinds, splice table, etc.) based on your particular application needs.

The WebPro incorporates 200, 300, 400 or 600 watt CO2 lasers with 9.2 to 10.6 wavelengths, as well as UV lasers. These lasers offer a reliable, precise beam that results in clean and sharp laser processed edges.