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Diamond reaming tool

Precorp is pleased announce that it is now offering CVD diamond coated cutting tools. As carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) are used more widely across all industries, the demand for more wear resistance cutting tools has also increased. Precorp has always been considered a source for PCD veined cutting tools that have a wide use in CFRP machining. In addition, Precorp offers unique solutions in solid tungsten carbide cutting tools for machining composites in areas where PCD is not the optimal solution. CVD diamond coated cutting tools bridges the gap between PCD and solid tungsten carbide thereby offering another choice that may be optimal for our customer applications.

CVD diamond coatings offer life comparable to PCD tools at a lower cost, if re-grinding of the PCD tools is not an option. CVD coated tools also offer an excellent option to increase the tool life of current solid tungsten carbide tool designs. CVD diamond coated tools increase life over uncoated tungsten carbide cutting tools by five times. Performance and hole quality match that of PCD tools, but tool configurations are achievable in manual drilling applications and intricate geometries such as helical routers. Although existing carbide cutting tools may not be coated, any existing geometry may be duplicated and have the coating applied.


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