metering pump controller / positive-displacement / glue and silicone dispensing / variable-speed
eco-CONTROL EC200-B preeflow by ViscoTec Pumpen- u. Dosiertechnik GmbH



  • Pump type :

    metering, positive-displacement, glue and silicone dispensing

  • Other characteristics:

    variable-speed, electronic, for stand-alone applications, compact


The innovative eco-CONTROL EC200-B, made by ViscoTec, offers a wide range of applications for the precision volume dosimeter of the eco-PEN series.

Microprocessor-controlled. User-friendly. Without submenus but supported by graphics. Easy connection via I/O port to PLC of external signals for automated line control. Supports the storage of a wide range of dosing programs. Monitoring of the preset primary pressure (with pressure sensor kit only) and digital display in Bar or Psi. Monitoring of fill level and motor current alarm messages (RS232 interface included).

- Quantity program
- Start/stop program
- Time program
- Teach-in function (external or via GPS)
- Calibration
- Desired-volume display in Grams or Millilitres
- Dosage flow rate display in Millilitres per Minute or Grams per Minute
- Empty signal for containers (internal, external)
- Storage of PDM-supported dosing programs
- Desired-pressure and actual-pressure display in Bar or Psi
- Digital clock

Control of two precision volume dosimeters of the eco-PEN series possible with a single accessory card.

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