high-viscosity media dosing dispenser / for paint / resin / adhesive
eco-DUO600 preeflow by ViscoTec Pumpen- u. Dosiertechnik GmbH



  • Applications:

    for high-viscosity media, for paint, resin, adhesive, silicone, brazing paste, liquid

  • Type:


  • Domain:

    for the food industry, laboratory, for the electronics industry, for the cosmetics industry

  • Other characteristics:

    pedal-operated, automatic, continuous, high-precision, two-component, manual, robotic, semi-automatic, low-capacity, benchtop, programmable, multi-component, with mixer, for shear-sensitive media


The innovative 2K precision volume dispenser eco-DUO600, made by ViscoTec, offers a wide range of applications for the two-component dispensing. Due to the integrated pressure sensors, a safety system shutdown is guaranteed at all times. Some possible application areas are electronic packaging, semiconductor, LCD/LED/OLED, photovoltaic, medical, biological chemistry, laboratory, optics and photonics, SMD/SMT and many more.

Material Examples Dispensing:
- 1K and 2K Epoxy
- UV / light curing/ heat curing adhesives
- high filled fluids
- anaerobic adhesives
- shear-sensitive adhesives
- thermal conductive paste
- sealants
- flavours
- silver paste
- flux
- perfume
- chemicals
- industrial oils
- silicones
- alcohol
- grease
- paints and inks
- electrolytic solutions
- brazing paste
- PU
- acetone
- gasoline
- and many more

preeflow® eco-DUO is a rotating and perfectly pressure-tight displacement system. Self-sealing rotor/stator design. Conveyance action by medium displacement in the stator through controlled rotor movement. Safe conveyance without any alteration of the medium. With its suck back option, preeflow® ensures clean and controlled material or medium cut-off while preventing post-dripping effects.

- On-the-dot dosage with maximum volumetric precision
- dot-and-bead application with application speeds adaptable to track speeds
- joint sealing technology

Your advantages:
- genuine volumetric dosing
- suck back effect
- viscosity-independent dosing
- easy to clean
- primary pressure-independent dosing
- controllable dosing flow
- pressure-tight no valve
- range of dosing pressures up to 40 bar

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