rotary arm stretch wrapper / automatic
LW-300 series Premier Tech Chronos



  • Type:

    rotary arm

  • Operating mode:


  • Height:

    3,510 mm

  • Width:

    4,010 mm

  • Length:

    4,420 mm


The LW-300 Series–Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper features an automatic system for applying a mechanically pre-stretched film that has tension to a pallet loads. It contains an overhead rotary arm that removes the necessity to rotate load. This overhead rotary arm also allows for the great speed of wrapping heavy or shaky loads with steady tension. The LW-300 series can come up with 95 loads per hour, at the same time, it continues a particular control of the film tension and strength.

This can replace up to five turntable stretch wrappers which its four customized wrapping devices allows the selection of quickest and effective process to unitize the load. Also, it has various parameters sets enabling the protection needs for every product that is wrapped.

This machine can integrate a top sheet dispenser. This sheet can be unrolled, cut to size and contained automatically over the load during the wrapping process.