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The VersaSTAT LC Low Current Interface is a plug-in, research grade option for the VersaSTAT Series of potentiostats/galvanostats, designed for the measurement of ultra-low currents with greater accuracy and resolution than the base system. With the addition of a VersaSTAT LC option, any VersaSTAT Series system will acquire a lowest current range of 4pA and current resolution as small as 122aA.

The VersaSTAT LC is ideal for applications requiring low current accuracy and resolution. Applications such as ultra micro electrodes, coatings research, corrosion testing of bio-implants, and sensor research are all areas where greater current sensitivity may be needed.

The VersaSTAT LC option can be purchased at any time as a plug-in option. It consists of an interface cable to connect to the VersaSTAT, a main body containing the high input impedance electrometer and additional current ranges, and the cell leads. Once attached to the VersaSTAT system and calibrated with the built-in DC Calibration routine, additional bandwidth stabilization filters are provided with the VersaSTAT LC option to provide maximum stability over a wide range of experimental conditions and applications.

Femtoampere accuracy and attoampere resolution for both DC and AC (EIS) measurements
Plug-in add-on for VersaSTAT Series potentiostats/galvanostats
Expands E and I filter selection for VersaSTAT 3 and VMC systems
Auto-current ranging capability from 200mA-4pA