inspection camera / X-ray / CCD / FireWire
Quad-RO Princeton Instruments Acton



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The advanced high-performance, fully integrated, 4-port readout, thermoelectrically cooled Quad-RO: 4096 camera with electronically balanced quadrants, dual speed readout, on board memory to guarantee images w/o losses, capability to read images at 4-port or single port and industry standard firewire (IEEE 1394a) interface is designed for indirect imaging of X-rays or other Lambertian sources. The ability to exchange phosphors in the field using a unique design, with fiberoptic extending outside the vacuum, delivers flexibility to optimize system performance at the desired x-ray energy. When used with the software-selectable dual speed operation and gains, the system can be optimized for any demanding applications. The GdOS:Tb phosphor screens are available for 8, 12 and 17 keV at an emission wavelength of 550 nm. Contact your area sales specialist or the factory for CsI:Tl phosphor screens.

Key Features and Benefits

Electronically balanced quadrants to deliver extremely uniform raw image
Industry standard Firewire (IEEE 1394a) interface
Two readout speeds / port
Four-port and single-port readout options
On-board memory to guarantee loss free images
Unique mechanical design with fiberoptic extended outside vacuum allows system performance optimization with custom phosphor screens
Image files compatible with FIT2D software from ESRF
Thermoelectrically Peltier cooling for vibration free operation