static diffuser / for wastewater treatment
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    for wastewater treatment


The Helixor Aerobic Diffusers are Static Diffusers used for the Aerobic Treatment of Wastes. They are usually known as "Air Bubbles Aerators. The coarse bubble diffusers with pumping capacity are extensively used for biological treatment of waste waters and guarantees oxygen transfer, properly mixing basins, provides turbulent flow and liquid pumping. It is successfully used to treat effluents of many origins (from the Galvanic Industry up to the Alimentary Industry). Helixor coarse bubble diffusers offer a wide range of applications and also include special applications such as the "Ice-Prevention System" and the "Barriers" for Pollution Control & Prevention. The maintenance free diffusers do not require any spare parts. Helixor possess oxygen capacity and the pumping capacity and is available with at efficiency/cost ratio.