automatic handle applicator / linear array / stand-alone / with conveyor
PROGRIP D project Automation & Engineering GmbH



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    automatic, linear array, stand-alone, with conveyor, 2-line


The PROGRIP D handle applicator is another member of the successful PROGRIP family and finds its home in the mid, to high-performance area.

The double line handle applicator PROGRIP Type D is a standalone machine, equipped with the following components as standard:

- Stable frameless construction
- patented
- Infeed conveyor for products
- Working conveyor in machine
- Two application units which attach the handle
- Inclusion for 2 rolls with pre-laminated carry handles
- Integrated electrical cabinet with touch panel

As an extremely flexible handle applicator, we are able to equip the PROGRIP D with a wide variety of attachments.