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PH electrode
DULCOTEST® series ProMinent GmbH

The production of our pH electrodes is subject to strictest quality controls and is automated in routine steps but effected manually and with professional control in critical steps. Thus, we can achieve for you an optimum of reproducable quality and cost reduction. The following advantages are main features of our pH electrodes:

precise and reliable pH value measurement enables efficient process guidance and high process safety.
highest glass quality, optimized production steps and selection of appropriate probes grant long lifetimes. Dead times and maintenance work can thus be minimized.
short storage and delivery times result in the best-possible exhaustion of an pH electrode's lifetime (weathering of a glass electrode begins already immediately after its production)
tailor-made process adaptation with special editions for fitting length, cable length and plug.
OEM partner receive an own, silver stained label.
rapid replacement through short delivery times
storage in protective quiver filled with electrolytes grants best-possible protection during transport and measuring breaks.


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