Pneumatic cylinder / double-acting / bellows


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This item is generally inflated with air and various other fluids, including oil, water and glycol. Depending on the uses, the flexible lifting bags are pneumatic components that perform mechanical functions such as squeezing, guiding, blocking, clamping, lifting, moving and pushing. The items can also be easily integrated with the mechanical systems, being used in applications such as conveyors, handling robots, lifting tables and molds.

The materials used by the manufacturer are highly-resistant fabrics, covered with synthetic rubber that makes them perfectly adapted to the industrial environment. As for the traditional bags, the flexible seals by Pronal offer various advantages, such as their low thickness and uniformly divided pressure. They are also easy to adapt according to various surface areas, quick to install and easy to use. With the help of this product, users can carry considerable loads, of over 70 tons, and do not require any maintenance.


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