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PROPASKIN VCI Propagroup S.p.A.

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ribbon polyethylene ribbon polyethylene - PROPASKIN VCI


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PROPASKIN VCI - High resistant and elastic anticorrosive film offers resistance and protective film, bags and caps. The PROPASKIN VCI range manufactures a wide range of products, including PROPATECH VCI with polyethylene mass during film co-extrusion. The preservative can sublimate from the plastic and provide guaranteed protection against corrosion of the packed metal items.
PROPATECH VCI had designed by a mixture of high-tech resins to give a high tensile strength to the product and the resistance to the breaks and perforations. Just like other plastic products, the PROPATECH VCI can be co-extruded in 3 to 5 layers. The co-extrusion provide guarantee for increasing mechanical strength and mono-directionality for the PROPATECH VCI modules. The PROPATECH VCI layers act as inner layer, middle layer and outer layer.