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chamfering machine chamfering machine - US80


  • Power:

    1.47 W, 2,200 W (2 hp)


The US 80 portable tube and pipe heavy duty beveler combines sturdiness, reliability, efficiency and versatility in one machine, providing safe and easy use for all operators.
The standard tool plate will accept multiple tool bits, allowing up to four simultaneous machining operations. Such operations may include 30°, 37°30, 45° bevels with or without land, J-bevels, compound bevels, facing, counterboring operations etc.
The US80 heavy duty beveler will perform repeatable high quality weld preparations on all types of materials including mild steel, chrome, stainless steel, duplex, super duplex, copper-nickel alloy, steel, inconel, P91, aluminum, copper and exotic alloys.
It can be either pneumatically, electrically or hydraulically driven.
The tool bits can be changed and adjusted very quickly. Carbide tool inserts may also be used.
Portable ID locking tube end forming machine
Perfect weld preparation
Suitable for I, V, J-preps, compound bevels, weld removals, cut to length of tubes, counterboring operations
Flange facing/single point machining available on request
Short clamping mandrel for elbows, fittings, tees, flanges
For almost all environments: irradiated areas, extreme conditions, subsea, etc.
For construction, inspection and repair works
On the job site or in the fabrication workshop

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