arc orbital welding machine / semi-automatic / for pipes



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    for pipes

  • Power:

    1,050 W


The PROTEM US25 is a powerful, robust, reliable and versatile portable tube and pipe beveling and facing machine.
The PROTEM US25 will perform
repeatable high quality weld-end preparations on almost all materials including mild steel, chrome, stainless steel, duplex,
super duplex, copper-nickel alloy steel, inconel, P91, aluminium, copper etc.
Versatile cutting head accepting up to 4 cutting bits: four machining operations can be carried out simultaneously or
individually. The tool bits can be changed and adjusted very quickly. Carbide tool inserts can also be used.
The interchangeable drives allow to switch from one motorisation to another.

Technical specifications :
Machining capacity:Ø25 mm OD – Ø90 mm OD
Clamping capacity:Ø25 ID - Ø107 mm ID
Specific shapes & angles:I, V, U, counterboring. Others on request
Clamping system:Manual
Feed:35 mm, with lever
Tool holder:Ø 90 mm (3,5")
Drive speed:150 rpm off-load speed, 70 rpm nominal speed
Drive : pneumatic 730 W, 6 bar (87 psi), 1400 l/min (49 cfm)
Electric : 1050 W, 230 V or 110 V

Option :
Additional tool holder:Ø60mm , Ø120 mm
Smaller shaft: US25-OM1:Ø12,5 mm (0.492") à Ø18mm (0.709")
US25-OM2:Ø18 mm (0.709") à Ø25mm (1.023")
US25B with US25-111 feed and clamping through ratchet
US25-EMA:Elbow mandrel assembly up to 120 mm (4,724”)
US25-ACC:flange facing option (25-280mm)

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