Fuel cell electrical generator
max. 150 A, 9 - 50 kW | PM Basic 50 PROTON MOTOR Fuel Cell

The PM Basic 50 is designed for maritme and stationary applications. The heart of this power pack are the Proton Motor proprietary PM 200 Stacks. Through the modular system concept we are able to operate several systems in parallel with partial activation or deactivation for higher performance requirements. The system can be customized to the individual needs.

* The PM Basic 50 is the enviromental friendly solution to produce electrical energy out of hydrogen
* Reliable and efficient fuel cell technology
* Defined control and communication interfaces for easy OEM integration

Our service: The Proton Motor service quality.
Proton Motor guarantees a comprehensive and qualified service, from development to the maintenance of complex fuel cell systems.

We use simulation to determine the requirements for appropriate system design on behalf of our customers. This initial service avoids errors in development and frequently leads to a considerable increase in system efficiency. This creates predictability in the planning process as well as energy savings, thereby gaining time and reducing costs.


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