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PROFIBUS M12 360° EMI/RFI Patch cords IP 67

Fully shielded M12 PROFIBUS IP 67 patch cords
For PROFIBUS devices is the simple connection with secure function as well as
failure free data transfer (the most important criteria) also for extreme harsh environment.
Especially for applications with powerful noise sources like welding guns or drag chain applications the I-Net M12 PROFIBUS patch cords with protection degree IP 67 are the safe solution.
This is achieved by a complete full metal housing with integrated sealing compnents for the M12 connector plus a 360° EMI/RFI crimp flange system for the cable shield termination, which gives you a HFproof connector solution.
The hexagonal crimp of the crimp flange system guarantees a torsions- and vibrationproof strain relief of the PROFIBUS cable assembly.


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