Workshop partition

Provost industrial mesh partitioning has been designed to enhance protection and provide better organization of space.

Robustness is assured by the modul plus design, which features a 3 mm wire with a mesh size of 50x50 mm. The welding of mesh provides improved partitioning robustness. The devices are easy to assemble due to the bolting together of one piece sections. The wall edges, corners and around doorways get more stability thanks to the posts.

High safety is assured due to the fitting and welding of the mesh into the flange section. Due to this, the risk of snagging is eliminated.

The standardised modular parts are replaceable. For instance, a section can be interchanged with a door within a few minutes. With the modul plus design, extension in all directions as well all types of changes to the layout are possible. It is easy to dismantle and reinstall materials during movement.


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