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PERMALIGN utilizes laser optics to continuously maintain a watchful eye on shaft alignment during machine operation, notifying the operator if tolerances are exceeded. Easy-to-use PC software lets you use the system to verify thermal growth specifications of machines with unsurpassed accuracy - and with less effort than you might have thought possible.

***NEW: ALIGNMENT CENTER Live Monitoring software***

Live Monitoring is a PC Windows software application to measure the live dynamic movements using PERMALIGN sensors, in other words, to monitor the relative displacement between machines, for example, to determine thermal growth. Furthermore, it is possible to analyse the data from ROTALIGN Ultra Live Trend data. To give you an idea about what capabilities the new software application has, we have tried to resume the most important aspects in the following points:

* Monitoring dynamic movements based on ALIGNMENT CENTER Shaft known user interface
* Thermal movement measurement in a user friendly way
* Show machine movement together with graph plot
* The software is implemented on the ALIGNMENT CENTER framework
* Import ROTALIGN Ultra Live Trend data
* Import PERMALIGN data from HYDRALIGN data collection box
* Import analogue channel data, e.g. RPM values, wind speed, power output, etc., from HYDRALIGN data collecting box