Tension load cell / shackle / stainless steel / IP67
SLSP series PT Limited


  • Type:


  • Form:


  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel, IP67

  • Rated load:

    12 t (13.23 us ton), 6.5 t (7.17 us ton), 55 t (60.63 us ton), 25 t (27.56 us ton)


Designed for general usage series of load measurement pins, use the SLSP Stainless Steel Sensor Pin. They are normally supplied complete with anti-rotating plates or flats and are machined from the highest tensile stainless steel. They are ordered by specific part numbers for each capacity as per the technical data sheet for the standard sensor pin. New design concept pins and almost any structural pin can be manufactured with the style and nature of the SLSP product. They have huge databases of prior sensor pin designs, many which are made to suit the customers specific needs without alterations. Easily modified to meet particular application requirements, the SLSP Standard Series can be supplied as shown in the data sheet. It can meet many customers specific dimensional requirements.


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