LED display weight indicator / panel-mount / weatherproof / remote
RD series PT Limited


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    LED display

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RD1 is a large ALPHA-Numeric remote display. It uses 120 mm flip-flop digits to get easy reading in all types of lighting conditions. The digit segments have minmal mass for fast switching speeds and are extremely reliable. Each digit comprises of 35 individual segments so that all ALPHA characters are correctly displayed.
RD2 is a large LED remote display with 120mm high digits. These are designed for use in bright sunlight. The LEDs are arranged in dual rows for increased digit definition and is very readable. The RD2 is weather proof and can be mounted externally.
RD3 is a compact remote display which can be mounted on a panel or desk which can connected to PT200M, PT200P, PT200X and PT600R indicators without requiring any RD3 configuration.


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