compression load cell / button type / strain gauge
LPX series PT Limited



  • Type:


  • Form:

    button type

  • Other characteristics:

    strain gauge


The LPX series is a line of compression load cells engineered by PT Ltd. It is specifically designed for use in tank, hopper, silo works and various industrial weighing applications.

The unit features an enclosure through the bottom of the load cell, with an IP67 protection grade. It is finished in a corrosion-resistant anodizing or electroless nickel plate, for operation under hostile conditions.

The series comes in 11 different capacities from 100kg to 50,000kg. It is equipped with a mini disk that is available in sizes of 22mm or 55mm. In addition, the LPX series also features a cable of 3m to 10m, with a 4 or 6 core.