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Off-line UPS / single-phase / industrial
PTC-0359 series P.T.C. Production & Trading Company AG


  • Technology:


  • Electrical characteristics:


  • Applications:


  • Output power:

    2000 W


The PTC-0359380-01 is a replacement Plug-in Battery Pack intended for use in P.T.C. AG UPS Model PTC-0359-01. The battery pack houses eleven valve-regulated lead acid cells connected in series. Each cell is rated for 12V, 5AH, resulting in a total source of 132Vdc, 5AH. The cell construction and sealing technique ensures that no electrolyte leakage should occur from the terminals or case. The cells are packaged inside an aluminum case and are secure in place by epoxy. The Battery Pack contains a thermistor that enables the batterycharger of the PTC-0359-01, to trim the charging-voltage as function of temperature.


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