sectional door / aluminum / hangar / industrial
Alucompact Puertas Angel Mir



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    hangar, industrial


The Alucompact Door by Angel Mir is the unique vertical folding industrial door provides design freedom and cost effective free space with less maintenance.

The Alucompact Door has been designed to incorporate the advantages of both Roller Shutter and Overhead Sectional Doors and to overcome their inherent disadvantages.
What makes the Alucompact door different from all other Industrial doors is its unique patented rail system. On opening the door panels fold upwards into a compact space above the door similar to a roller shutter. However, unlike a roller shutter the Alucompact Door panels are insulated and can also be fully glazed. A wicket door can be built into the door panels if required. The smooth and quiet movement of the panels uses little energy this guarantees a longer life cycle and lower maintenance costs.

The Alucompact door is self supported from its side rail system and does not have intrusive overhead rails and balancing springs required by sectional doors. The main disadvantage of an overhead sectional door is its potential restriction to services, natural daylight and workspace as the door panels take up space in the building on opening.