sectional door / industrial / exterior / safety
Sandwich Puertas Angel Mir



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    industrial, exterior

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Perfect locking, high thermal insulation and better savings. The Ángel Mir® sandwich sectional doors are the ideal equipment to save energy and to have a perfect locking to keep the air conditioning inside warehouses.

Technical characteristics:

· Thickness: 40mm.
· Sheet thickness: 0.5mm.
· Available width: 500mm y 610mm.
· The boards are manufactured with two galvanized steel sheets and a pre-lacquering highly resistant to rusting. In the space between them, we inject high density polyurethane foam in order obtain a high level of thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as a great mechanical resistance.
· The boards can be manufactured with a different thickness: from 40 to 80mm according to the insulation needs. The 80mm thickness boards are addressed to sectional doors for freezers. The water/air tightness between boards is obtained by elastic polyurethane joints