fold-up door / exterior / industrial / high-speed
Instant-Pass Puertas Angel Mir



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    exterior, industrial

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The fast fold-up doors efficient against inclemencies.

Specially suitable for an outside access or with important air and wind depressions. The outside frame is a self-bearing chassis made of galvanized steel sheet formed by two transoms and reinforced at the inside, which act as guides and supporting base (the corners that rub the canvas are protected with an special outline made of extrusioned aluminum and round shaped) and an upper platform with a drawer shape where the elevation mechanism is located. In the inner part of the platform there is a galvanized steel shaft with bearings, assembled upon brackets, where the driving belts are rolled up. The brackets are also used to support the adjustment bolts at the curtain height. This is a self-bearing structure and does not need important fixings on the building, but just simple supporting clamps.