sectional door / indoor / industrial / fireproof
Puertas Angel Mir



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    indoor, industrial

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The door is composed by a series of boards which are united by hinges. They are formed by two 0,6 thickness steel and assembled forming a 80mm thickness chamber, filled with mineral wool with a density of 150 kg/m3. The standard boards have an approximate height of 450 to 600mm and are painted with the RAL 9002 color. Upon each board, from right to left, the hinged supports of the rollers are fixed, which circulate upon both vertical galvanized aluminum guides. They have a 2mm thickness. Upon each guide, water/air tightness joints have been assembled . They are composed by several coats of materials resistant to fire and expansion material. The main edge, sealed against the floor, has a joint made of expansion material and in the upper edge, which closes against the lintel, there are expansion joints too.