double-scissor lift table / hydraulic / stationary
Puertas Angel Mir



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The scissors lifting tables from Angel Mir® have a limited race. In most of the cases, the maximum race is equivalent to the platform's length, divided by 1,5. Longer races can be reached through the lifting platform equipment with a multiple set of vertical scissors.

The double scissors lifting tables are used, for example, as a working platform, pallet loader, elevator, transport means for handicapped people and to pile pallets. Compared to a traditional elevator, it is a rational and economic solution for working in a high position.
The Angel Mir® double scissor lifting tables have the following characteristics:

· Platform dimensions up to (see diagram).

We can offer custom-built solutions according to the particular requirements.


· Protection grille
· Protection curtain
· Rollers
· Balustrade
· Balustrade with grille