basic sound level meter / class 1 / digital
Nova 41, Nova 42 Pulsar Instruments



  • Type:


  • Precision class:

    class 1

  • Other characteristics:


  • Noise level:

    Min.: 20 dB

    Max.: 140 dB


Pulsar Model 41 Nova Sound Level Meter (Class 1) and Model 42 Sound Level Meter (Class 2) are the ideal choice where integrated noise levels, such as Leq and Peak are not required and where basic noise data such as Sound Level Pressure (SPL) or Time and Frequency Weightings are all that is needed.

Each Sound Level Meter has been designed to be easy to use whilst providing the user with the fundamental parameters required to comply with current legislation. Both instruments can be upgraded to become a data logging meter or by adding further options as shown below to make it into a versatile instrument.

Main features:

Class 1 or Class 2 Sound Level Meters
Ideal for basic noise level assessments, emergency service alarm testing, sound system installation and vehicle noise measurement
High resolution anti-glare, large full colour OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display
Illuminated keypad, ambient light sensor
Complies with IEC 61672-1:2013, IEC 60651:2001, IEC 60804:2000, IEC 61252:1993
Optional options available including Data Logging with Audio Note recording
Calibration certificate included at no extra charge
7 year warranty*
Optional lightweight outdoor kit available