integrating sound level meter / class 1 / digital
81CA, 82CA Pulsar Instruments



  • Type:


  • Precision class:

    class 1

  • Other characteristics:


  • Noise level:

    Max.: 143 dB

    Min.: 57 dB


Pulsar Instruments presents model 81CA & 82CA noise level meter. This instrument is perfect for those not wanting a device with 1:1 Octave Band Filters when the High, Medium and Low (HML) method is a proven and recognized way of calculating hearing protection needs.

The manufacturer should provide all hearing protection (PPE) with attenuation (reduction) values for each of the H, M and L values. Users can select an appropriate hearing protection for their staff with a a spreadsheet or a simple formula by using C and A weighted Leq values and the difference between them.

The devices can be switched automatically to C-A measurement mode by a simple press of the C-A button. Measurement in C-A mode is distinguished by a blue indicator as opposed to the normal Broadband mode. The noise level meter makes an Leq measurement with dB(C) weighting (LCeq) and goes on until the settling of the average level.