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WK2 Pulsar Instruments

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The WK2, manufactured by Pulsar Instruments, is a long term outdoor noise measurement kit that provides optimum solutions for more demanding outdoor noise measurement and monitoring applications. It is composed of a weatherproof carrying case for the meter such as Model 30/33 or Quantifier, power supply and accessories which is linked via a heavy duty 10 metre cable to a full outdoor microphone system. Rain or even heavy fog, can make using a normal sound level meter outside for long periods impractical, as moisture can damage the microphone capsule and in extreme conditions the instrument itself. This ‘tripod and microphone’ assembly can be easily transported using its tubular carry case. The adjustable tripod legs of the sealed unit can level the system to any surface and the ‘hook’ system* can be used to attach the assembly to a nearby permanent fixture or add extra weight to the assembly.

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