sound level meter with analysis function / class 1 / data logging / digital
95, 96 Pulsar Instruments



  • Type:

    with analysis function

  • Precision class:

    class 1

  • Other characteristics:

    data logging, digital


The Model 95 (Class 1) and Model 96 (Class 2), manufactured by Pulsar Instruments, are environmental noise assessment that is simple to use solution for Environmental, Industrial and General noise measurements. It includes all the measurement functions of the Models 91 & 92 with the addition of 1:1 & 1:3 Octave Band Filters. The 1:3 Octave Band measurements from 25Hz to 16kHz with the option of adding 20Hz to 20kHz filter bands. The Analyser software enables the user to show more than 12 days of Time History data.