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surveillance camera / monochrome / digital / CCD
QI674 QImaging



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  • Interface:

    USB 3.0

  • Other characteristics:

    low-noise, OEM


The Analytical Instrumentation Designer’s
Answer to Faster Better
Instrument designers challenged to improve sensitivity and throughput have kept a close watch on scientific cameras to provide multiplexed and high throughput assays with superior sensitivity, linearity, dynamic range, and data quality. Unfortunately, the desire for a better instrument often ran counter to meeting instrument cost targets. The QImaging
QI674 answers that challenge.
Unlike commodity machine vision hardware, the QImaging QI674 has all the features of a true scientific camera that will improve limits of detection and quantification: State of the art, highly efficient CCD sensor technology, full flexibility over image readout patterns and signal
binning, and deep cooling to virtually eliminate dark current noise.
With the QI OEM series cameras, QImaging introduces Intelligent Quantification™ — on camera intelligence features that correct for defective pixels, removes accumulated dark current, and greatly extend dynamic range beyond 16 bits. A high speed 50 MHz pixel digitization rate increases camera FPS when focusing and spot finding, and an ultra-low noise 725 KHz pixel rate is used to quantify extremely low signal levels.
The QI674 uses the latest USB3.0 computer interface for efficient, reliable data transfer, tested at over 1 Million frames. For embedded hardware, the QI674 provides USB2 compatibility at reduced frame rates. Software integration is straightforward with QImaging’s PVCAM API, allowing the instrument designer to easily implement many QImaging and Photometrics brand camera models in future designs.